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What Clients Have Said Us

"We recommend Central Force Malaysia as a superior research supplier in Asia ..... Central Force Malaysia is capable of large volume survey through specialised depth research.
They have been developing state of the art survey methodologies and analysis techniques in order to supply timely and outstanding services .... Data Processing is efficient and useful ... Infact, this company has techniques, skill and experiences in customer research."

Takao Hanada
Institute of Social Behaivour - Japan

"The ChampsCheck Programme is used to monitor the performance of our KFC and Pizza Hut outlets in terms of customer service and food quality.
Our senior management and the outlet managers take this subject very seriously, as it is one of the important ways that help KFC/Pizza Hut Malaysia maintain its leadership in the QSR business. Central Force has done a good job ....."

T C Thoe
Vice President - QSR Operations
KFC Malaysia

"..... Good , accurate, user-friendly maps and listings of residential units by Pizza Hut's strict requirements are crucial for a efficient  delivery service.  This is Central Force's strength and we thank you for what you have done to-date. 
...... an effective promotional campaign for each of the outlets through leaflet distribution is dependent on quality maps produced.  The synergy of leaflet distribution and quality maps by Central Force proves to be an effective combination....."

Low Kang Moon
Marketing Manager
Pizza Hut Malaysia

I would like to commend your staffs for the following studies that you have completed in the past year in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Vietnam:

Genital Warts Study Hypertension Study
Arrhythmia Study Food Biotechnology
NSAIDs Promotional Diabetes Qualitative
Medical Study Osteoarthritis Study
Customer Satisfaction Study Optic Neuritis Study
Hyperlipidaemia Study Diabetes Concept Test Research
CHD Research Schizophrenia Research

The interviews were of an exceptionally high standard, indepth, relevant and actionable. Though timing was tight and the target respondents were difficult to get, you managed admirably in learns of on-time delivery and quality respondents
Your performance has always been completely satisfactory and of a much higher standard than some other research companies we have worked with......"

Dean Edwards
Regional Managing Director
ISIS Research, Hong Kong

The purpose of the cinema checks is to deter cinema operators/owners from unscupulous practices... The cinema checks are definitely having the desired effect.  The message to cinema operators/owners is clear - BVI/CTS has control of its films: they cannot take us for a ride!
You know full well that film piracy is rampant in the country.  Malaysia has earned the title " Film Piracy Capital of the World".
But thanks to your working with BVI/CTS, we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel....."

Anna Ng
Country Manager
Buena Vista Columbia Tristar Films

"Central Force has been our field department's outsource partner since 1997.  They have proven to be responsible and reliable in ensuring that we received accurate data on a timely manner monthly."

Jennifer Chan
Country Manager
GFK Marketing Services

"We are pleased with the level of quality work that has been constantly demonstrated by the company.  Central Force has delivered quality, responsiveness and flexibility in conducting fieldwork...."

Pearly Tan
Asia Insight Research Consultants

"The CLT Taste Test refers.  I understand that your team had to work under severe constraints, low budgets and tight timelines.  Through heavy rain and thunderstorm during the period, and literally finding "a needle in the haystack" because of the very low incidence of the target smokers, your staffs pressed on to keep to our timing.  You have passed the test of baptism through fire!
Despite the difficulties and tight timing, you had never grumbled or complained even though I knew the job was not at all profitable to you due to the extremely low incidence. It's this kind of spirit we want in our preferred suppliers."

Donny Yeung
Assistant Marketing Research Manager
Philip Morris Asia

"What impressed us most was your ability to size up a problem and suggest practical solutions based on your vast experience.
We now realise that research can be a powerful tool for the formulation of action plans in our business."

Patrick Loh
General Manager-Marketing
Monier Roofing

"Thank you for completing the Cinema Audience Study.  The information collected was very helpful and signification to our existing clients either to maintain or to increase their Cinema Advertising budgets with Pearl & Dean Media.
The additional information on personal preference and spending habits have actually helped our sales staffs in establishing working relationship with potential advertisers who have never considered Cinema Advertising as their niche media before.  Some of these working relationships are beginning to bear fruit."

Chuah Kean Loong
Senoir Manager
Pearl & Dean Media