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  • All projects are closely monitored at all stages, ensuring quality at all levels.

  • The standard approach followed is as follows:
Stage 1 Understanding the Research Project Objective
Meeting with the client and preparing a research proposal
Stage 2 Fieldwork
Personal involvement in briefing/ debriefing of interviewers
Clients are encouraged to attend briefing and observe interviews in the field
Stage 3 Quality Control
Compulsory training for all new interviewers
Compulsory attendance at all project briefings.
20% of all interviews witnessed or separately recalled by Team Supervisors.
Additional 10% of interviews verified by in depended QC checkers
Stage 4 Editing/Coding, Data processing, Design & Analysis
100% editing and coding of questionnaires.
Design of code frame with inputs from client.
Testing tabulation specifications, to eradicate all bugs.